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This page contains letters of recommendation from past purchasers of Mosier's Gentle Giant's puppies.

Litter: 11/29/2007

February 20, 2008

Mark and Debbie Mosier
Mosier's Gentle Giants
Sargent, NE  68874

Dear Mark and Debbie,
The new puppy, Kimber Red Ashby, is a wonderful addition to our family.  She has brightened our home and made a great companion for our Boston Terrier, Elwood.  She is growing up very fast and the vet says that she is in wonderful health.  He also was very appreciative of the records that you sent.  We have already spoken to many people about your dogs and shown pictures to all.  Please let anyone that needs to speak about their “Gentle Giant” to not hesitate to call my husband or myself.  We cannot express the happiness that we have been given with our new bullmastiff puppy.  We will keep you up to date with her growth and send pictures as much as possible.

-Brian and Ivy Ashby, N. Richland Hills, TX


Litter: 11/29/2007

We were immediately drawn to Mosier’s Gentle Giants because of the clarity and accessibility of their website. In addition, it became apparent looking at the many lovely pictures and reading the descriptions of their dogs that Debbie and Mark provided their bullmastiffs with a caring and loving home. As soon as we e-mailed Debbie with interest in a puppy, she responded and answered all our urgent questions. Throughout the time we anxiously awaited our puppy, Debbie sent us repeated e-mails with updates and pictures of our growing puppy. This was a great source of comfort and joy to us. Upon receiving our puppy, Ezzi, we could not be any happier. She truly is the most well balanced and joyful of puppies - we definitely attribute this to the nurturing home she was born and raised in for the first two months of her life.  We are eternally grateful to Debbie and Mark for giving us Ezzi, and we know that you will not be disappointed with your Bullmastiff puppy from Mosier’s Gentle Giants!

-Gil & Carol, New York City


Litter: 11/29/2007

Mark and Debbie have been nothing short of fabulous!  They are the kind of breeders people only dream about. Kind and soft spoken, but honesty is truly their best quality.  The Mosier's dogs are of the finest standards and they do the breed justice.  Three cheers for the Mosier's.

Daryl Toombs
Lawnside, NJ


Litter: 11/29/2007

Mark & Debbie,

Thank you so much for allowing us to "adopt" our baby, Gracie, aka Lady Grace, aka Gracie Lou!  She is such a sweetie!  We also call her a parrot, because her "spot" is being perched on my shoulder - she has yet to realize she is almost 60 lbs!  She LOVES any other dog she meets, and every person she meets as well!  She lets our nieces and nephew play, pull and climb all over her, and she is in her glory when they do!

I would also like to thank you for being so wonderful during the "adoption" process.  I had been in contact with several other breeders, but you were the only ones that made me feel like we would be adopting a pet rather than making a purchase.  I could tell you were definitely family oriented, and loved that your dogs were your children, and your real children were also involved with the whole breeding process.  I know I had a million and one questions for you, on a regular basis, and you were always quick to thoroughly answer them all within a day, no matter how silly they may have been!  You have been great to work with, and if we ever decide to get a playmate for Gracie, we'll be calling!  We also would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for a bullmastiff! Gracie is a perfect, beautiful girl!

Thank you so much!

Brianne & David, Abington, MA


Litter: 8/16/2008

Dear Mosier Family,

I can't thank you enough for our little princess, Bailey. Our family loves animals, and my husband had wanted a bullmastiff for years. However, being a mother of 2 small children I kept thinking if this was the best decision for our family. I was very fearful because I thought the bigger the dog, the meaner it would be. Boy, was I wrong. I have learned that a bullmastiff is truly a "gentle giant." Bailey has been a wonderful addition to our family. She loves her older dog sister, and is wonderful with our 2 kids; ages 3 and 5. She can't get enough of them and they can't get enough of her. Bailey loves them, she lets them crawl on her, pull her ears, pull her tail, chase her, pretty much anything you can think of. She is a big girl, but she is the most gentle dog I have ever met. I completely trust her with our kids!

Debbie, you are the best! Thank you for answering all my questions and phone calls, I know I had a lot. Our family enjoyed getting the weekly updates about Bailey, and seeing pictures of her. The kids got so excited to check e-mails on Sunday nights, to see how much Bailey had changed. The best was the e-mail that Bailey wrote to the kids just before she left for the airport to come to our house. The whole process has been wonderful. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants a bullmastiff, and we will be calling in a few years for a sister for Bailey. Thank you so much!

The Pogachnik Family


Litter: 5/18/2009

It is my pleasure to recommend Mosier's Gentle Giants as the best of bullmastiff breeders. Debbie and Mark made sure that the website was very friendly and inviting and they wanted to make sure that we could love her like we love our own children. What really made us feel like we had come to the right place, is that they told us that if for any reason we could not care for her that we could call them and they would take her back. We love her more than you could ever imagine and our kids are so happy to have a new addition to their home. We know that you will not be disappointed when you receive your new puppy.

Isiah, Kenya, Noah, and Elijah Davis, Vallejo, CA


Litter: 5/10/2008

Hello Debbie,

I thought I would share these new pictures of your baby Gunner. He's 125 pounds now and loving every minute of his large body benefits! He bumps other big dogs around at the local dog park and he schmoozes all the ladies at the coffee shop when we walk down town.

These pic's are from a recent parade in a near-by city, San Dimas. The dog park we go to participates in  the city parade as a thank you for keeping the park open and clean.  And Gunner was asked to be the show case dog this year!

Hope all is well. Your new little guys look adorable!


Nate, Sarah, and Gunner
Glendora, California


Litter: 5/18/2009

October 25, 2009

Dear Mark and Debbie,

We want to thank you with all our hearts for our newest addition to our family, Kelly!

We had been looking for the right bull mastiff to add to our family for a very long time. . . the fourth of July 2009 as my husband and I were waiting to take the kids out to watch the fireworks, we happened upon the Mosier’s Gentle Giants website. We were immediately drawn by the plethora of puppy pictures, as well as the glowing letters of recommendation left by happy families. As we scrolled down and saw that there was one red, female, bull mastiff left (exactly what we wanted) we just knew it was meant to be!

As a mother of two small boys (1 and 4 years old) I did have many questions for Debbie about the compatibility of a mastiff in a young family. She graciously answered all of them thoroughly, reassuring me that she knew her puppies were great with kids as they were with hers all the time!

Committing to adopt Kelly into our family was the easy part, waiting for her to be ready to be adopted was much more difficult. Debbie’s weekly e-mails written to my 4 year old son, Jack, in Kelly’s voice, along with her adorable pictures definitely helped to hold us over!

We could not possibly be more pleased or in love with Kelly! She has been the perfect addition to our family! She is so gentle with our little one, Robbie, and the perfect playmate for our four year old, Jack. Just last night my husband and I were saying how grateful we are to have waited until we found the “perfect dog” for us.

With much love and gratitude,

Adam, Karyn, Jack, and Robbie

Huntington Beach, California


Litter: 5/18/2009

November 29, 2009

Dear Debbie and Mark,

I know this letter has been a long time coming, and I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. However, I have had my hands full raising a beautiful, healthy bullmastiff puppy!

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Mosier’s Gentle Giants; from the very first inquiring email that I sent to the follow-up conversation about Harrison, the communication was a delight. I don’t think a period of even 24 hours ever separated one of my questions—and there were many! To that end, Debbie and Mark were extremely patient with me as I hit them with a barrage of questions about my new pup. Will he get along with my other dogs? How big will he get? What health risks are typical of the breed? What is his temperament like? I could certainly go on, but at the risk of broadcasting my naïveté prior to adopting Harrison, I would rather not!

Debbie and Mark Mosier took photo after photo of Harrison so I could watch his growth (and cuteness!) progress over the course of the eight weeks before I could formally adopt him. I waited for each weekly email with baited breath, and I must confess that I still regularly visit the website to look at pictures.

Harrison is now approximately six months old, 92 pounds and growing every day, and the sweetest dog I have ever known—a true "gentle giant" if you will. I thank Debbie and Mark Mosier from the bottom of my heart for providing me with one of the greatest experiences of my life and my new best friend.


Ben Laudicina
Central Islip, NY


Litter: 5/18/2009

January 5, 2010

Hey Debbie,

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for all of your dedication to raising beautiful and healthy bullmastiffs.. Bella is doing great and has really become part of our family. She is about 70 lbs now and still thinks she is a lap dog! She is so sweet and great with our 2 year old son! Mosier's Gentle Giants produces very high quality beautiful loving puppies!! And thank you Debbie for answering all of my many questions along the way.

Lindsay, Jason, Mason & Bella


Litter: 9/14/2009

Hi Mark and Debbie!

It's hard to believe Sadie's almost one year old! She's become a loved member of our family, we can't imagine a day without her. After about a month of having Daddy home, by Christmas last year, the girls had warmed up to her and let her into their hearts.
Thank you for such a perfect pup for us.

I hope you all are well!
Abby, Jeff, Elaina, Charlotte and Sadie



November 16, 2010

Dear Debbie and Mark,

I just want to thank you so much for our Jack (of Hearts). He is everything I ever dreamed of in a Bullmastiff puppy - loving, smart, funny, handsome and so determined to please. I also want to thank you for all of the advice on feeding, training, etc. Although we have had many animal companions in our lives including a mare, he is the largest one living in the house! He has only been here a short while, but he is adjusting so well.
I would recommend Mosier's Gentle Giants to anyone looking for a Bullmastiff puppy, and would be happy to have you share my number with someone who has any questions - especially someone nervous about being a first-time parent of the breed.
As the weeks go by I will keep you updated, and when I figure out how to send pictures through this new-fangled contraption (I have just dated myself, huh?) - you will get lots of our boy who grows before our eyes!

A very grateful customer,
Patti (and Andy) Matchett





June 1, 2014

When I decided to purchase a bullmastiff puppy, I searched long and hard for professional breeder who treats it's dogs as members of the family. Someone who lives and breaths the breed and who protects their breeding line in the process. I had spoken with several breeders I had found, but when I came across Mosier's website and made contact with Mrs. Debbie, I knew I had found the one. So much so that I waited on a litter from her Bullmastiffs for 6 months, and am I ever glad!

From my first contact with Debbie, I knew I had found a solid breeder. She answered all of my many questions while providing me with all sorts of additional information. Once my little guy was born, I received weekly pictures and updates on his progress and growth. I looked forward to those photos so very much because I felt like I was getting to know him from afar. Mosier's shipped Gus to me and they made every effort to accommodate my needs throughout the whole process.

Gus is one solid tempered pup. He is my best buddy too. He has been wonderful with kids, other dogs, and even my grumpy cat :) He is 15 weeks and growing so fast I can barely keep up!

I couldn't be happier with my choice of breeder. I still keep in touch with Mosier's and I am so thankful for her dedication to this breed and her clients.  I am one happy Bullmastiff owner and Gus is one spoiled pup!

-Tiffany Ford in Georgia






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